Apply For A Space

Interested in joining the Mutual Artists co-operative space?

To apply, send your answers to the questions below to with the subject “Studio Space Application”. Find out more about our space here, including our floor plan, photos, list of facilities, and accessibility details.

We will let you know via e-mail whether your application to the waiting list is successful. As a member of the waiting list, you will be notified of current availability and all future space availability. 

1. Why would you like to become a member of Mutual Artist Studio Co-operative?

2. Do you have any previous experience with co-operatives?

3. What kind of space does the work you make require?

4. Do you consider yourself an early career artist/creator/organisation?

5. How many hours per month can you volunteer to help run Mutual? (e.g. 0, 1-4, 5-9, 10+)

6. Are there skills you have to offer Mutual (e.g. promotion, events organising, admin, teaching experience, finances, etc.)?

7. Are there skills you would like to develop at Mutual?

8. Anything else you would like to mention in relation to your application?

Note: We are currently only accepting applications from early career artists who are able to provide at least 1 hour a week of voluntary work to help maintain the co-operative.